DI BAWAH KUASA AKTA PENYEMAKAN UNDANG-UNDANG . kenderaan-kenderaan motor dan lalu lintas di jalan-jalan dan perkara. Lalu Lintas Perspektif Undang-Undang Nomor 22 Tahun tentang Lalu Lintas dan Angkutan Jalan. Endhira PDF (Naskah Publikasi). d. bahwa berdasarkan Undang-Undang Nomor 23 Undang-Undang Nomor 6 Tahun , Bank . c. larangan untuk ikut dalam lalu lintas pembayaran.

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org/sites/default/files/publication//asean-cgscorecardpdf> Aspandi A, ) Asshiddiqie J, Perihal Undang-undang (Rajawali Pers ) Astuti D, . Antara Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN) Dengan Korps Lalu Lintas Polri'. Kampanye % Fokus Berkendara untuk sosialisasi Pasal UU No. 22 Tahun tentang Lalu Lintas dan Angkutan Jalan. Perbawa, Cossa Surya fepipvawoobig.tk - Accepted Version Download (25Kb) |. c. bahwa Undang-Undang Nomor 9 Tahun tentang Perikanan yang berlaku hingga .. negeri dan/atau lalu lintas antarpulau untuk menjamin kelestarian.

Article Law No. Qualitative descriptive analysis. The results of the study, the police took action by way of hand arrest. The police take action that is seen only so that there is omission if it is not visible.

This is the practice of deskretion, the implementation of article is not maximal. Police barriers in taking action have 4 factors: Police lack personnel, b.

The Traffic Act itself, c. Ojek Online, d.

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Community needs in the field of transportation. In fact, there are a lot of pedestrians get accident because their right is violated.

Law No 22 of concerning Public Traffic Light and Transportation actually provides legal protection. It belongs to misdemeanor.

It is questionable about what kind of the law enforcement for the sidewalk problem, either it is the law enforcer, the enforcement approach, or the obstacle in the enforcement process. Some studies also mention that most of the trouble of sidewalk especially in the city area is caused by the street vendors.

It is not a new thing because the media oftenly tells about the street vendor curbing.

The economic sector in Yogyakarta, as a capital city, is dominated by informal sector. In reality there are a lot of vendors on the streer and it causes the trouble. In fact, the law enforcement conducted by civil cop Public Control Agency and police officer are altogether enforcing the criminal law through two approaches in the process. Firstly, preventive action which enforces the action to not cause the criminal act that ends with criminal sanction.

Secondly, represive action which overcomes the misdemeanor through criminal justice system. In the latter, the curb covers the confiscation and continued by investigation to be processed for trial through speedy legal procedure mechanism.

Fine sanction is frequently impose for such misdemeanor.Views View Edit History.

Pemberian nomor rute di jalan nasional mempertimbangkan lintas strategis nasional secara sosial dan ekonomi. Enforcement of legal protection especially for passengers also need to be optimized, so that passenger rights and carrier liability can be done well according to the policy in force, as well as responsible if the passengers suffered a loss by giving compensation as an appropriate form of responsibility within the provisions of the legislation.

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Konsistensi dalam penerapan bentuk dan ukuran rambu akan menghasilkan konsistensi persepsi dan respon pengemudi. Marka Jalan; c.

In reality, both sides the victim and offender have not yet reached an agreement, so the fulfillment of indemnity of rights for victims by perpetrators is often overlooked. There are a lot of people conduct the research how worse the condition of the sidewalk that may cause accident.

This study is an empirical juridical study based on legislation, District Court decisions related to traffic accidents which are linked with field data on practices in restitution payments for victims of traffic accidents.

Ojek Online, d.

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