The Saint and The Sow ("O Santo e a Porca", in the original title) is a very popular Brazilian play written by Ariano Suassuna that was first published in Read O Santo e a Porca PDF. O Santo e a Porca PDF Ariano Suassuna - O Santo e a Porca. O Santo e a Porca. Ariano Suassuna · Literature & Fiction. Jos vaimosta tulee yksinelj, and more porca hn voi ylltty vastuun suuruudesta ja yksinelmisen kalleudesta but santo. Summer is movingcloser as Door County.

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If we take only premeditated murders so without consider- ing domestic, physical, and sexual violence, violence against minors, rob- beries and thefts, traic violence , around people are killed daily in Brazil, adding up to about 52, people in the year Accessed July 14, It is known that religion was part of the everyday life of the native inhabitants of Brazil.

He uses the term because he believes that there is no base on which the religions or the Brazilian religious matrix is constructed, but rather meanings that move between the religions and their matrices Schultz , p.

According to the author, at least three references feed this nebula.

Schultz , p. Exploring this idea of the nebula and the rhizome, Schulz discusses some of their characteristics. Belief in the presence of God amid life is one of these characteristics. In the same way, the Devil and evil are part of this scenario.

Adam in sacriices, in communication with the beyond, in praise, in ecstasy, in the incorporations, in worship, in the hope for eternal life, in the Bible, in processions, in charity, in prosperity, etc.

Based on these cinematographic materials belonging to Brazilian pop culture, one might say that there are basically three types of socio- religious conlict: a sociopolitical conlict with consequences in the ield of religion; b conlict and intolerance within the religious ield itself; and c the conlict of the lack of hope and prospects for life. Sociopolitical Conlict Imploring Religion For this type I have selected two ilms with connotations of religion and con- lict in their titles: God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun and Blood Baptism.

Poverty and religion share the scene, so to speak. Some animals die on the way to town.

A Dog's Will (Portuguese: O Auto da Compadecida) English subtitles PART 01

Manuel is profoundly angered at the injustice and abuse of the colonel, so he kills him and lees home. Adam he movement gathers thousands of dirt-poor sertanejos on a mountain, at the small chapel of Pedra Bonita, waiting for a rain of gold and for the fulillment of the prophecy. Besides the sacking and pillaging by the followers of the movement in the surrounding area, sacriices have to be made for the promise to come true.

Manuel climbs the long staircase of the church with a huge rock on his head.

Rosa then stabs him to death inside the sanctuary. At the same time, far from Pedra Bonita, life in the village is threat- ened by the Sebastianist movement. All the fol- lowers of the movement are murdered. Manuel can be interpreted as someone who seeks a life with dignity: irst as a cowman, using the unjust social system itself, then as a penitent through faith and hope in the fulillment of a proph- ecy, and lastly, when the two other mechanisms fail, by becoming a can- gaceiro, deliberately creating justice with his own hands, himself being a bit of God and a bit of the Devil amidst the sorrows of life under the violent sun of the backlands.

In all three movements there is faith, con- lict, and violence. For the destitute, religion ultimately serves as a subterfuge, like the Sebastianist messianism. Institutional and hegemonic religion supports the status quo.

Here we have a clear ideological con- lict involving Catholic religious identiied with Liberation heology and the repressive forces of the military dictatorship.

Friar Tito is exiled in France and is unable to overcome the psychological consequences of torture, later committing suicide. A good example is the ilm Que Horas Ela Volta? Adam righteousness shall he judge the poor and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth.

On the inside of these bars are communists and Christians. It was the love for our people and the struggle for justice that approached us and united us. One day, all will live like brethren, around the same father. In both ilms the social and political conlict present in the Brazilian context can be very clearly seen, and the role of religion is also evident.

Religion permeates the social and political conlict. What brings the friars to torture and prison is religious conviction, resistance to the dictato- rial regime based on the Christian faith, as a true sacriice, a baptism of blood. Here too it is a view of religion, in this case a critical theology of a political nature, that clashes with the hegemonic and absolute system of the dictatorship. Disputes here take place between popular Catholicism, religious syncretism, and religions julio3 est.

His best friend is a donkey, called Nicolau.

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Adam as they can access only the church steps; sensationalist newspapers and politicians transform his promise of giving land to the poor into a cry for land reform; an author of books wants to make money by writing the story of the keeper of promises; his wife, Rosa, tired of waiting, betrays him with the neighborhood pimp Geraldo Del Rey.

Here we have a religious conlict par excellence. In this ilm we see a clear struggle between the hegemonic religion and the repressed reli- gions, something that Cunha has analyzed in her studies. It is a discrete intolerance, but it has taken on a greater proportion, such as in the case of a girl stoned after leaving worship in an Umbanda terreiro Cunha a, b.

O Auto da Compadecida was directed by Guel Arraes and launched in Both are poor, like most of the inhabitants in the region. We hear shots and shouting outside.

It is the cangaceiro called Severino Marcos Nanini. During the conlict he kills the bishop Lima Duarte , the priest, the sacristan, the baker and his wife.

In heaven, all meet for the judgment of the dead. Severino and his henchman are acquitted and sent to paradise. After discussing the possibilities of getting around the promise made, they decide to give all the money to the church. In this dramatic comedy we see a lot of the relationship between con- lict and religion.

Conlict, as in the previous ilm, is between popular belief, full of subversion, subterfuges, and mischief, the oicial religion of the bishop and priest, which is also corruptible, and the violence of the cangaceiros, who also believe. In heaven, on the day of judgment, Jesus Christ and Mary, the Compassionate, cor- roborate this theology lived in everyday life and in mischief, a theology that justiies human life and struggle. Religious elements of popular Catholicism and African-Brazilian religi- osity do not create mutual friction; they also do not create friction with the atmosphere of partying and excesses, nor with the explicit sexuality, the julio3 est.

For her, Carnival is an opportunity for the Devil to possess people and make them err from the true path, the true faith, represented by her Evangelical church. Shutting of the water is her way of ighting evil in the name of the faith.

Her two small children trick their mother and also have fun on Carnival. One of the Pelourinho tradesmen, both- ered by the presence of the so-called trombadinhas—children who live on the streets and commit petty thefts and crimes, something which is harmful to trade—asks a policeman who owes him money to give the children a fright. Highly relevant for this study is the scene, almost at the end of the ilm, when Dona Joana, worried because her children are taking so long to come home, goes to Dona Raimunda, whom she usually accuses of being a follower of Satan, and asks her to cast the conchs to see what has happened to her children.

Raimunda, in a trance, collapses at the news given to her by the conches: the boys have been killed. We thus see that there is a religious conlict between the Pentecostal Protestant faith, with its exclusivism and intolerance towards other reli- gions, especially those of African origin, and the profane, mundane, and sexual practices, such as Carnival. On the other hand, Dona Joana herself uses the conches to ind out where her children are.

With the tragic, vio- lent death of the boys, religious diferences become relative. In the three movies we have a comical element and a tragic element. In all three we see the people involved in organizing their beliefs in their own way, independently of the religious institution.

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In all three, conlict, vio- lence, and death are present. At the age of 18, he sees his idea receding, since players are usually discovered at an earlier age. Reginaldo Kaique de Jesus Santos , the youngest, looks obsessively for his father, who is a bus driver. All of them, apparently, are sons of diferent fathers and were brought up by Cleuza Sandra Corveloni , their mother, who works as a house- hold servant and is pregnant again by another father.

Cleuza struggles on her own, as father and mother at the same time, to support her sons, maintain the precarious house on the outskirts, where the sink is always blocked, capturing a reality that occurs very often in Brazil today. Although she is pregnant, she smokes and drinks to relieve tension. She also a fan of the Corinthians.


In some scenes she is shown making wishes and praying for her favorite team. Soccer here is the most religious element that frames the entire drama Canassa, R. Practically all these possibilities go wrong. Dario does not manage to stand out suiciently to build a career as a soccer player. Dinho goes back to drinking, loses his job, and appears to lose faith. Denis steals and, as he lees, abducts someone. Heather Reynolds rated it really liked it Jan 02, Paperbackpages.

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