Apple has scored a big win in the competitive ebook market by managing to get exclusive enhanced editions of the Harry Potter books in iBooks. The new versions include animations, illustrations, interactions and even annotations by author J.K. Rowling, and are available only in. They revolutionised the way we read, they're digital versions of print books and we can carry a whole library with us everywhere we go. I've included three images - one image of my Harry Potter iBooks collection ( which contains the enhanced iTunes editions, the Pottermore.

Harry Potter Enhanced Epub

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New enhanced editions of the books are available on iBooks today!. Harry Potter will endure as one of the greatest literary platforms in the You can read the book online, or download a PDF or ePUB format of. roseky/Scaricare Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Enhanced Edition) Libri Gratis (PDF, ePub, Mobi) Di J.K. fepipvawoobig.tk Find file Copy path. Fetching.

That's going to be nice for Nook owners, but it doesn't have much appeal for site owners, now that we have the site Cloud to store our ebooks. There's no word yet on the library editions, but the last I heard they will be available before the end of April. Rowling's books have sold an estimated million physical copies and been translated into more than 70 languages.

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I'm sure she's going to have similar success with the ebooks. Pottermore has just left its beta period and opened up to the public, and it already has millions of fans. I have to ask: are the price for real? While I'm sure they're going to sell quite a few copies, I'm also pretty damn sure that the high price will turn away a lot of parents.

These are folks who have probably already bought at least one complete set of the paper editions for their kids, as well as the movies, games, and other junk. Pottermore and Apple have collaborated on a series of eBooks that do exactly that.

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The Harry Potter Enhanced Editions are bursting with playful animations, intricate artwork, interactive features and J. They are utterly charming.

So what are they like, you ask? Each detail is a subtle, deliberate decision to complement the imagination of J. A production executive from Pottermore was able to tell me a wee bit about the creative process: The team took time together, out of the office, in a secret space in London to develop ideas.

Subject to reading service availability in your country.

How to download To complete a download, you must create an account at the Pottermore Shop, a third-party site, and all transactions take place on Pottermore, not site. When you link your account we will send the book to the site or site apps registered to the same site account. They must not like you.

So you could get the ePub and transfer to iBooks though since drm free? I actually download none of my eBooks on nook or site, all on iBookstore for iPad. Wondering if Rowling has plans for a unique or enhanced ePub version for iBooks, would be smart.. Do the math.

Wait one damn minute here! I did it more than once to check.

How Pottermore and Apple created the new Harry Potter Enhanced Editions

I tell you I had a totally different price that was lower!! What time did you see the lower prices? Cause I saw them too—site, at 9AM. By Interesting that none of you noticed the price difference on pottermore.


And I have read a few cheap books, and was not satisfied. I could agree to that, but everything else stays the same, my IP, currency etc.

US-English But this is just strange. Pottermore launched their ebookstore this morning, and I bought an ebook right away. I know that I complained about the prices, but I started looking […]. At Pottermore, not at site or anywhere else. I should know better! We have all the physical books and my kids are all adults now. Why would I ever pay new ebook prices for the digital copies?

Why not just let site users OneClick like they do everything else?

Just like a physical book. Rowling has already made billions. The watermark is likely a link in the CSS that can easily be snipped out by someone who unzips the ePub.

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Because JKR owns the rights to her ebooks and wants to sell them this way, in a way that she still retains full control. The ebooks are actually my third full set of Harry Potter books.

I have not found it yet.Apple has also dedicated a special Harry Potter landing page in iTunes to show off the books, the Harry Potter films and Harry Potter apps.

One thing that might irk some readers is that the background in the enhanced Harry Potter books is locked to the color white. There are several DRM systems in use. After levitating the Magic Quill a "Congratulations" message would appear, and the ad box would slowly load a "Now begin your journey" link.

Top 10 site site Irritations. I could agree to that, but everything else stays the same, my IP, currency etc.

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