This article explains how to transfer/ return files(PDF/Doc/Excel/zip) files from Web API service. I'll post this initially as an answer because it's easier to format code! I made an API endpoint to return a PDF file, and if I call it from a browser the file opens as. My code is calling an API and the API is returning a PDF file in pdf format. What is the easiest way to extract the PDF file and store it in the local.

Web Api Pdf File

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NET Core Web API project in which we need to generate a PDF report. DinkToPDF library to easily generate PDF documents while working. How to download a file from an authenticated Web API endpoint give them a file link and the browser will either display it or download it, like this sample PDF. A sample web application and discussions on creating, displaying, and downloading PDF documents with Web API data sources, client.

Stats Licenced CPOL. Rohit Kejriwal , 8 Feb Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Using the code Here we see the step by step approach to create a Web API service which return files as response. Open downloadFilePath, FileMode.

Rohit Kejriwal Software Developer Senior. CaptureManager SDK. Web Server and ASP. First Prev Next Have you consider to post this as a tip? Nelek Jan 5: If something has a solution Why do we have to worry about?.

If it has no solution For what reason do we have to worry about? Help me to understand what I'm saying, and I'll explain it better to you Rating helpful answers is nice, but saying thanks can be even nicer. Paulo Zemek 4-Jan Rohit Kejriwal 4-Jan Sacha Barber 4-Jan 7: Go to top. Rate this:. As the time of writing this article, the latest stable version of the PDF. This version works fine for all latest versions of major browsers except for Internet Explorer 11 in which a runtime error is thrown when closing the viewer in an IFrame.

The sample application that comes with the PDF.

You can find all release versions of the PDF. In the below line, the iframe is the DOM object and the response.

The Apple stopped to release the Safari for Windows after the version 5. Although the PDF. I do notice that the later versions of PDF.

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In the past, Web developers commonly use the code to explicitly check the browser types and versions for conditionally directing to executions of particular code sections.

The better practice now is to conduct the available option-based scenarios to resolve possible browser compatibility issues. The sample application presents such scenarios for displaying PDF documents and downloading PDF files as shown with the link Option-based Scenario for All Browsers on the demo home page. Since the functionality and code pieces for each option-based approach have been detailed in the previous sections of the article, below are listed only option selections and execution sequences.

Audiences can practice with the code and make any change to meet their needs. Note that there is a downside when using the MIME type data transfer as the last resort in the option-based scenario.

This may pose a noticeable additional delay if the data size is large. Many discussions and code examples for online displaying or downloading PDF data documents can be seen across the Internet. But this article and the sample application provide consolidated and practical resolutions on this area, particularly with latest technologies of Angular and Web API RESTful data service. The approaches described in the article can also be extended to process similar items with different types, such as displaying content, or downloading files, of the CSV text, spreadsheets, and images.

Sign in Email. Forgot your password? Search within: Articles Quick Answers Messages. Tagged as C. Stats Licenced CPOL. Shenwei Liu , 15 Nov Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. The sample application uses these libraries and tools. NET Framework 4. NET Core 2. Rebuild the solution with the Visual Studio. In the code above we just return a list of employees which will be displayed inside the HTML template.

In the code above we are fetching data from our static DataStorage class and fill our template with it.

In the code above we first inject our registered Converter with the Dependency Injection inside our constructor by using IConverter interface.

Then we create two objects globalSettings and objectSettings and use them as a configuration in the HtmlToPdfDcoument property. Finally, we convert our pdf configuration into a real PDF Document on our local machine. We use just a couple of those properties to set up the color mode, orientation, paper size, document title etc… but if we go to the implementation of the GlobalSettings class we can find more of those properties.

The Out property is very important if we want to save our file on a local machine. Convert pdf ; to convert our document. We will see how this will change once we try to show our PDF document inside a browser. So in our example where we create a PDF document in the D: The HtmlContent property is the very important property of this class. WebSettings is pretty important as well, especially if we have external CSS file for the styling as we do.

In this property, we can configure the encoding of our document and provide the path to our CSS file. First, we need to remove the Out property from the globalSettings object. Well as we said if we use the Out property than the file is sent to stdout and saved to our local machine. But without the Out property, our output will be stored in a buffer.

While converting we need to create a byte array and to store it inside the file variable.

Returning File as response to REST Request

Finally, we are using that file variable and return it to the requester with a content type. All we have to do is to remove the HtmlContent property and add the Page property of the ObjectSettings class. If we want to enable download feature for the PDF document we need to modify our return statement in our action method. All we have to do is to simply add the name of the file with its extension to the return statement:.

If we want to deploy this application, we have to make some changes. In here, we are creating an instance of the CustomAssemblyLoadContext class and just call the LoadUnmanagedLibrary method with the path of the libwkhtmltox. We need to do one more thing. When we publish our application, we need to have the libwkhtmltox. We need to repeat this steps for the CSS file as well:. Now, all we have to do is to publish our application by following one of these tutorials or both of them:.

If you have enjoyed reading this article and if you would like to receive the notifications about the freshly published. NET Core content we encourage you to subscribe to our blog. Hello Leuan. On the top of this article, you can find a link to the source code. It leads to our GitHub repository and there you will find the NativeLibrary folder.

Inside it you can find zipped native files.

The specified module could not be found. This seems to me as the IOC configuration problem. Have you registered your library inside the IOC as a singletom? This line of code: If you still have the same problem, you can upload your code, and then we can check it out.

Of course, you can always compare my code with yours as well. Here is a link to the repo — https: I will look at it in more detail, and get you back. But I just took a glance at it, today will look in more detail. Well, I am just typing you. I have gone through entire article on completely new machine not my own , and everything works fine.

So just for my clarification, there is nothing wrong with the code in article. My suggestion is to start again, but to follow complete example form the article, and then if that works, to modify and add your own features.


If you start it again, I would appreciate your reply is it working or not. Hey Leuan, in case you are still struggling with this: I had the exact same problem but was able to solve it after all. What you want to to is adjust some settings: That should do the trick. How could this be implemented on a real server IIS or nginx? Hello AwhiteCat. But we have two articles about deployment.

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I got it to work on IIS on a shared hosting site webwiz. I published the app as self-contained.


I also used the 32bit. I will try on linux next week or so. Did it work for you? Though it works fine on visual studio IIS express. Hello Gustavo, I just want to notify you that I have updated this article with the IIS deployment, so feel free to try it and reply to us as well if you wish so.

Hello AWhiteCat, I just want to notify you that I have updated this article with the IIS deployment, so feel free to try it and reply to us as well if you wish so. Great article! Try to follow this answer: It helped me. Hello Mateusz. First of all, thank you very much for reading this article.

Especially, thank you so much for that information you provided in your comment. One more time, thank you very much. All the best. No problem! Yes, of course I followed. LoadUnmanagedLibrary Path. Combine Directory. Thank you Alvaro. About the page count, I think there is no possibility to know that or at least not that I know. Hello, can you help me in my project need qr code in pdf file.

Need dinamic create in pdf qr code. To create qr code, you can look at this link https: This library creates image qr code, so you can save it to disk. Once you have it created and saved you can transfer it to the pdf document by following this article. Just in your html code add the and all should be just fine. Have to add below code and CustomAssemblyLoadContext.

Thanks You should move this libwkhtmltox. Great Article.

Download files

It works ideal for me. I now have been tasked with adding a second page to each. Could you assist with this requirement or point me to an article on how to add a second page to the pdf?

Great Article using it.

How to send a PDF file using MultipartFormDataContent in C#

Doing Great. Would you be willing to assist with how to create a second page — It is fixed data on the second page?Simple web-api based file upload and download with LightSwitch File DownloadMost line of business apps needs the ability to store and retrieve binary data e.

Typically ASP. This is actually my concern. NET Developers. Once the Azure storage emulator and the Web API service are up and running, you can start uploading files. Combine Directory. Hello and thank you for a great article! Flush ; Response. Hot Network Questions.

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