In this startling debut novel from Benjamin Zephaniah, the author tackles the moving and compelling story of a young man, Martin, whose life is completely changed when his face is badly scarred in a joyriding accident. Brilliantly written with a real ear for dialogue, this is. Chapter 1: Pick an Activity. • Read up to ' into his old leather briefcase.' Write Mr . Lincoln's weekly blog for an online teaching website based on the end of. face. BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH. Dedicated to all the staff and supporters of Changing Faces. A great bunch of dudes working to raise awareness and increase the.

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Read online: In the moving and compelling debut novel from Benjamin Zephaniah, a young man's life is completely changed when his face is badly scarred in a. Face Benjamin Zephaniah. Face Benjamin Zephaniah. The Holy Bible - Gasl -gesellschaft Der Arno-schmidt-leser. 7 genesis 2 and god blessed them. Face. “Yu bad guy.” “Yeah man, ya wicked. De cool ruler.” “Cool and easy does it. ” Martin was on top of the world. His credibility was sealed and natalie was.

Jennifer put her hand under his chin and tilted his face towards the sky, the crowd sounding like supporters at a boxing match. The crowd roared with laughter. As they ran around the playground it was easy to see that Mark was no match for her ability to dodge or her speed. She was six foot tall. He would take a multitude of steps for one of her gigantic strides. That was the kind of thing that made Mark funny. He was desperate to try and be like Martin.

Deep down he was a little unhappy about this.

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Matthew was quite different. He liked a laugh but he was more cautious than the other two. When the gang were up to mischief, Martin and Mark always complained that Matthew slowed them down. He was continually doing good deeds. The other two stuck by him because he did like a bit of fun — and anyway, they had been The Gang of Three since primary school days.

Natalie was her own person, an individual who just happened to be going out with this kid who thought he was a clever dick. Many of the girls in school had a lot of respect for Natalie because she would not allow anyone to push her around. She was a bit of a judo expert and she had once been used in a hair commercial because of her Mediterranean looks and her long black hair.

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She had been going out with Martin for five months now, which was the longest Martin had been out with anyone.

She knew that because Martin had such a cute baby face, lots of other girls found him good-looking. He had the kind of face many actors and impressionists would dream of, able to mimic almost any person or animal and able to convey any emotion in a second.

Her friends thought she was a bit mad for going out with him, but she reckoned there was an intelligent person under all that front and that maybe one day she would get to him. Natalie knew just how to deal with Martin when he tried to see how far he could go. Just five months ago Pat James, who was in Year 9, really fancied Martin. Martin played it dangerously by sweet-talking both of them at the same time.

When Natalie heard about this, she arranged for both of them to confront him together. One dinner time they walked up to him in the playground and demanded that he decide who he really liked.

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He chose Natalie of course and Pat James had hated the two of them ever since. Once Pat was out of the way, she made Martin ask for forgiveness in front of all her friends and demanded that he bought her a friendship ring costing no less than ten pounds.

The first few days of the holidays passed slowly. By the second week the sun had begun to shine, so Martin, Mark and Matthew started looking for action. On some days this meant going over to Wanstead Flats, grassland on the edge of Epping Forest where girls walked and where football was played.

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It was like a park with the attitude of a beach. Martin loved the forest. He thought other areas of the East End were concrete jungles, with no space to breathe. The Flats were a quick escape to greenery. He knew the area well but he took much of its cultural diversity for granted.

At school he learnt how in the sixteenth century French Protestant refugees called Huguenots settled there, then Germans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jews and Poles had settled too and the latest arrivals were Caribbeans, Africans, Asians and Bosnians. This action might not be possible to undo.

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Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Face by Benjamin Zephaniah. Summary In the moving and compelling debut novel from Benjamin Zephaniah, a young man's life is completely changed when his face is badly scarred in a car accident.

Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Bloomsbury Publishing Released: Jul 4, ISBN: Book Preview Face - Benjamin Zephaniah.

Registered Charity No: DR OWENS The priority in post-burn treatment is firstly to create a percent skin cover and secondly, to rectify any major facial or other abnormalities. But the next morning Benjamin and his brother were woken up and were told that the friend had died. Apparently he, after he left the house, took some drugs, stole a car, and drove it into a wall.

They call themselves The Gang of Three. Martin and his friends live in a district in London and there is a lot of drugs selling happening.

In the districts where the story takes place is a lot of criminality. The place is very important for this novel. This novel is about how young people live in these kind of districts and how they behave. The Gang of Three and Natalie go out to a club, Dancemania, where they listen and dance to hip-hop and rap music.

When they go home, the Gang of Three meets a friend, who has stolen a car. Martin and Mark step in the car, Mathew is scared.

The car driver and his friend used drugs. They were followed by a police car. Mark breaks a few ribs and Martin burns his face. The car driver is dead. When Martin wakes up, he realizes that he is seriously injured.

His face is seriously burned.

Everything changes after the accident. He becomes depressed. At school, everything is different. He has to make new friends. They become his new friends. Until his PE teacher, Mr. Hewitt, asks him to put together a gymnastics team for a local competition at the Leisure Centre. Martin becomes the captain of the team.

He takes this job very seriously. He tries to call Natalie, but she is busy. Then, in the park, Martin sees Natalie kissing a boy.

He becomes depressed again. In the hospital he meets Anthony again.

Anthony's face hasn't been good since he was born. His parents have no time for him. He is a friend of Martin. Martin realizes that his friend is more worsely wounded than he is. Martin becomes positive again and invites Anthony to the gymnastics competition. The competition consists of two parts: the main part of the competition and the freestyle section. In the freestyle round, they finished in second place. The freestyle section was the strongest point of the team: a dance on hip-hop music.

The school got third place in the main competition.

Martins team was disqualified for the freestyle competition. At first he is sad, but his teammates , Anthony and his new friends support him. He is a winner. In this book, there are a few important themes.Zeebra Books Zephaniah Refugee Boy paints a sympathetic portrait of Martin Turner, a burn victim, who changes as much on the inside as on the outside after a car accident leaves his face severely disfigured.

A great bunch of dudes working to raise awareness and increase the resources devoted to the care and rehabilitation of facially disfigured people. Although the plot is somewhat formulaic and although Zephaniah discusses many of Martin's struggles rather than offering specific examples, Martin himself is believable enough to be appealing.

Because Martin thought that he had real friends, but he got new friends the Jamaican sistas and Anthony. Mark got himself into more trouble every time he spoke.

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