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Very important matters. That may have compelled him to, to He hadn't broken his promise. Not really. All right, maybe a little.

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Which is why he was hiding. Not terribly successfully, as it turned out, when Thorin yanked him from his little reading nook and shook him by the scruff of the neck. You said to ask for assistance from your Pursers if I needed, or ask one of the Company to come with me," Bilbo said defensively, squirming until Thorin released him.

And of all the Company members to take with you to Market, you chose Ori? Apparently, that was ill placed trust," he finished with a mutter, scowling at the pile of books. So much for his super secret reading nook. Thorin went still, eyeing him with a frown of pure befuddlement.

The main event is just two weeks away, you know! I wasn't sure if I would have everybody done in time. For us? And then Bifur's. At least he was getting some nice cuddles out of it. There is no need for you to go to the trouble. Gifts for all, I say! Off to the markets, I am! The Company seemed incapable of keeping things between them, for once they had an idea, the whole mountain seemed to be involved somehow, and during his morning stroll around the halls, he was halted and asked over a dozen times for confirmation of the when during the main celebration day one should give a gift, and what exactly constituted an appropriate gift to give to one's family and friends and acquaintances and business associates and random strangers in the street.

The Dwarrows of Erebor, it seemed, were in a mood for presents. That, coupled with the trees that were just everywhere, and the Dwarrows running about with preparations for what seemed to be enough food to hold feasts for the next month, Bilbo for some reason felt quite He wasn't home sick, not exactly.

He'd made the decision to stay at the mountain as it was re-established, and he knew that even had he left, he would not have made it back to the Shire in time for the winter celebrations. It wasn't even that he wanted his home, or a more Shire-style of celebration. He missed some of his relations and friends, but not so much as he would miss his silly Dwarrows if he left the mountain, that was for sure.

He wasn't very certain at all what was making him feel so down, even as he was happy, he knew that. He was happy here. Whoever described Dwarrows as stoic and heartless did not know them at all, Bilbo decided.

They had taken to him well enough, and were being more than tolerant where it came to his little celebration. Perhaps the Dwarrows were just itching for a reason to celebrate. And who could blame them? Bilbo did not care a whit if that were their motivation, as these Dwarrows more than deserved a chance to throw themselves into the party mood, as it were.

If it made them smile, it made Bilbo smile.


He was. He just felt Alright, fine, there might be a reason for that, but Bilbo was nod ready to be facing the reason for his moroseness, thank you very much. He'd much prefer to mope in blissful ignorance. He's the deftest hand in the mountain, and I have a bracelet I made for Amad that I'd like inscribed. A nice big caravan of all our people, come the long way up and around the top of the Misty Mountains, and back down to us again.

Uncle's sending out warriors to guide them in. They should get here in time for our celebration! Oh, now he needed more gifts! Erebor was our last hope.

Even if Uncle failed, the rest were going on to the Iron Mountains, and a small group might have tried to reclaim the old home lands in the Grey Mountains up north. The cold doesn't bother us so much, and any little pack of Orcs would be foolish to attack a whole caravan of heavily armed Dwarrows with young to protect.

Especially when Dain went off hunting the stragglers for sport. I need to borrow a hand cart. I should like to decorate my little stove and make a wreath for my door. And Thorin's mantle would look fine, also, with some sprigs of something, a wreath perhaps, and I could borrow some of those beautiful red balls off the tree for the display to tie it all in together nicely He wanted to decorate his own little room a bit, certainly, but he'd had the niggling sense of wrongness when viewing Thorin's rooms since he had brought in the tree.

The room should be so festive with it in, but the rest of the room was bare of decoration- it really could do with some accentuating pieces. He had some wonderful candles, and beautiful solid silver candle holders he had bought from one of the immensely talented Dwarrows in the market place, and maybe a touch of, of It couldn't hurt.

Nobody had to know. Did they? What was wrong with him lately? Put us all out of our misery? Or rather, when Thorin leapt forward to catch him as his rickety step wobbled and slowly started to topple.

I was placing a decoration. And stared some more. Well, it is, but it, it Eh hem. He'd hoped that the typical disinterest of Dwarrows in all things green and growing extended to this, but he hadn't been sure.

It's an odd thing, as while it can cause sickness and withering in the host tree, the benefits incurred by the spread of seed by birds in the form of diversity of species and the increased rate of germination of new crops-" "Why is it hanging from my ceiling?

Thorin reached for the plant, and Bilbo, oh he was so foolish. Later when he would think back, it was unlikely that Thorin intended to tear the plant down, but Bilbo panicked, and perhaps he did want Thorin to know after all Thorin froze.

When all berries are gone, no more kisses may take place beneath the branch," Bilbo cautioned, eyes darting about as he aimed for a casual tone and instead hit flustered, unable to do much more than blather on and hope for a chance to escape.

I'm not quite sure why, a Hobbit superstition, and what are you doing?

Bilbo was certain that if he were to die right at this moment, he would die But otherwise, quite content. Or, you know. Deeply aggrieved that he was dying in the middle of the most amazing experience of his life. Thorin's lips were softer and warmer than Bilbo had expected, and he had expected a whole lot.

The beard was an unusual sensation, but oh, quite delicious, and he had wondered so long at what it would feel like, losing himself in daydreams of such back during the Quest, as early as Rivendell even. The reality was There were more vague thoughts in his head about how wonderful Thorin smelt, and the weight and warmth of his hands on Bilbo's waist, and there was a small amount of panicking, if he was really paying attention, but Oh, it was easy, it was natural, it was tingling, amazing, earth shattering, Gandalf's-fireworks-exploding-behind-his-eyelids brilliant.

Thorin's tongue flicked out ever so briefly to taste his lips, and then again and again, and just as Bilbo felt himself about to swoon and fall, Thorin was withdrawing, and Bilbo heard the breathy little sound of disappointment that came from his own mouth, and blushed anew. Thorin stared at him a moment, that pretty pink tongue dashing out again to taste his own lips, even as his gaze dropped to Bilbo doing the same, and he blushed, red moving up across his cheeks and blazing his ears brightly in the most adorable way.

Thorin handed him the berry, and Bilbo was not entirely sure what madness took a hold of him in that moment, but he went to the tips of his toes and yanked another berry from the spray and took a hold of Thorin's beard braid- and oh, how convenient that was, that lovely neat, gold-trimmed hand hold just perfect for exactly this- and yanked him in for another kiss, this one harder, hotter, wetter. Mmm, more tongue.

Bilbo staggered back, a little shocked at his own brazenness, and cleared his throat a time or two. Thorin was quite still, mouth a little agape, and eyes glazed, and Bilbo nodded decisively. They too are traditional, though no rules for, for-" He broke off when Thorin smiled at him, warm and tender and his mind flailed to grasp for what he had been saying. Bilbo opened his palm and Thorin plucked the berry up, smile only widening.

Oh, how beautiful it was! Bilbo hummed to himself and looked about Thorin's gathering area, absently ensuring that all his decorating was done, and noted the little bit of mess he had to tidy. Best to take care of that quick, then. He rather thought he deserved a nice warm bath and a bit of a wank after that. Half of them already looked well picked. The Dwarrows, too, were enthusiastically embracing this new tradition as well, by the sights that Bilbo was seeing in his innocent walk.

It was entirely possible that he was scarred for life.

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It was sweet, though, and Bilbo's escort had appeared out of nowhere- as they were wont to do- to trail after him to his destination, but a dip in the hall, and having to wait for a cart to rumble by, meant that he stopped and was joined by the two guardsmen thereafter. One had gasped and blushed, but quickly reached for a berry and kissed Bilbo clumsily on the forehead, before gifting him the berry, and they had all moved on, the second guard chuckling in delight.

If these Dwarrow did not stop being so adorably sweet, Bilbo was never going to leave this mountain. Balin was waiting for him in the kitchens, sitting by the bench square that seemed to have unofficially been claimed as Bilbo's, grinning widely from a stool as Bilbo wandered into the kitchen. He sniffled, looking over Bilbo once more, before reaching into his over-robe and fishing out two decorations, popping them onto Bilbo's bench and leaving him with one last pat to his curls.

Bilbo stared after him, more than a little baffled, before turning back to his latest little offerings. They were metal of some sort, and beautifully enamelled. A jolly looking Dwarrow, something like a cross between Bombur and Balin, round-bellied and white haired, laughing in red robes and a dapper cap, his boot tips and robe accents gilt in gold and shining brightly. The other was clearly a hobbit, with sparkling green eyes and the typical pointed ears poking whimsically from bouncing curls, in green trousers and weskit, and his own cap with beautiful tiny silver bells.

A festive Dwarrow and Hobbit for his tree. Bilbo sniffled a little, hugging the little figures to himself a moment, immensely touched by the symbolism of the gift. Dwarrows and Hobbits celebrating together. Even if the gits had not even bothered to ask him what exactly they were celebrating yet. The new figures went carefully into his pocket for later, and he trotted off to retrieve a fresh loaf to munch with some jam, and some cheese, already planning his baking carefully.

His stupid adorable Dwarrows perhaps deserved something extra special for their tea that afternoon. Suspiciously appeared.

While crafting his little tea cakes -in three different flavours and glazed in a cooked sugar icing- a few of the different kitchen workers and visitors to the heated hall had come to collect some kisses, most going for modest pecks on his forehead and affectionate bristling busses on his cheek, only one Dwarrow brazen enough to bend him back and lay a great smacking smooch on his lips, much to the raucous approval of the rest of the kitchen's residents.

The few others, well. Thorin had visited the kitchen on three separate occasions between elevenses and lunch. On each occasion, he'd left Bilbo flushed and breathless and dizzy with happiness, with the catcalls of the Dwarrows around them echoing after him.

Bofur came to see him after lunch, darting forward to catch Bilbo up and spin him in a quick circling jig, ending with a twirl and bending Bilbo back, swooping in for what Bilbo expected to be quite the enthusiastic snog- only for Bofur to halt at the last moment and instead gift him one affectionate, and very gentle kiss on his lips, and standing him up again. In any case, if they've gone and mucked that up, I shall be taking my wooden spoon to them, let me tell you.

Bofur grinned when he was done, handing the plate back and looking oh so innocent. I thought the lads would be down here thanking you for it. As for his friend, Bofur could not leave well enough alone, and reached up to snag a berry from the mistletoe, kissing Bilbo's cheek and passing him the berry, and made for the door.

There was really no need to read much into that. For all Bilbo knew, Thorin was in a great mood because he was able to go around kissing everyone, not just Bilbo. Izuku wished he could but Mama said that it was too dangerous for him to play. I might fall asleep. Kacchan huffed and grit his teeth in anger. Izuku tried to dodge but he got pushed down and was being hit repeatedly by Kacchan, no matter how much he asked him to stop he kept hitting with explosing hands, finally Izuku bit Kacchan hard and the other boy falls back in pain.

Izuku, for once was wide awake. The room was hero themes and Izuku loved the poster with the top heros! He was trying to point them all out when the doctor spoke up. Amelia she told him- asked. Mama nodded to confirm and he smiled at her. Amelia smiled and nodded. Now do you remember what happened while you bit him?

They did tests for for ever.

They had to stay the night and the next day they did more testing. Izuku complained that he wanted to go home but Mama insisted they had to stay for more testing. But the tests took so long and there was so many. They said he could be here for a few more days! Izuku-chan, you ready? A God Am I : One rather unexpected character veers into this after finally being pushed too far , summed up by a variation on a very famous catchphrase.

His father also tries to force his softly spoken , creative older brother, Carol's middle sibling, Steven 'Stevie' Danvers, into this mould, the same way he tries to force Carol to be more traditionally feminine.

An Immortals Tales Of Demons And Gods – TDG Fanfic – N/A – To Chapter 251 – Free eBooks Download

Clark Kent also fits the trope - the irony of this, since he's from another world, is noted. The Alliance : In ancient times, the worlds that became seven of the Nine Realms, as well as several other races, banded together to defeat Surtur.

It's made very clear that Harry and Carol in particular are still suffering from varying degrees of PTSD , right from chapter 1, which features Carol awakening from Bad Dreams and a resultant UST heavy piece of psychic therapy as Harry tries to help. And usually, every time it looks like he's recovered and in good shape or getting that way, at least , something else comes in to make matters worse. To bypass the defences and the Threshold, he telekinetically tears the building apart, then has his minions swarm into the separate pieces.

Almost Kiss : Harry and Carol share one in chapter 36, with Harry instead opting to kiss Carol's brow. Alternate Self : During the First Task, Harry triggers a mental trap spell that, due to his own powers and the fact that reality is still thin from Chthon's rising, allows him to meet an older version of himself from a timeline where Wanda took him in after his first year at Hogwarts.

Then he glimpses various other versions of himself from across The Multiverse. Amazingly Embarrassing Parents : Thor occasionally enjoys winding up his son, having remarked in the previous books that it's pretty much his duty.

Usually, said teasing revolves around Harry's attraction to Carol. Harry, naturally, ends up mortified. Jack O'Neill keeps trying to be badass and go-getting, and keeps getting upstaged by his mother, Alison Carter. Unsurprisingly, once matters are set to rights, Harry is vocally unhappy about this. Then he snaps and becomes the Dark Phoenix, blasting off the Transmode and regenerating his limbs.

Since this is Selene we're talking about , her hands just drop off and scuttle back towards their owner. Therefore Wanda decides to up her game. Doom: They have failed to rest in peace, so now they rest in pieces.

Ancient Evil : Selene is noted to have already been old when Atlantis fell. The original Dark Phoenix has been in stasis for the last million years. The Elder Wyrm from the Of Dungeons and Dragons arc was a member of the above-mentioned first Dark Phoenix's army, and has been slumbering in the caverns beneath where Hogwarts now is ever since its master's defeat.

Anywhere but Their Lips : In chapter 33, Carol kisses Harry on the cheek to thank him for what he did. Harry returns one to her brow in chapter 36, after they Almost Kiss.

A Rare Sentence : Dresden notes that Selene "ate his dinosaur," the weirdness of which Morgan lampshades. When discussing Strange's production of West Side Story , Wanda notes that "you haven't lived until you've seen several dozen Mindless Ones pull off a flawless street dance routine.

Arch-Enemy : It's reiterated that Harry and Voldemort are this, though it looks increasingly like Strange is setting Harry up to be this to Thanos.

Strange seems to consider Sinister to be his, given how he treats hunting him down as a case of It's Personal. He also considered Mordred to be his, and both of them for the same reason: He was too late to stop them from harming others.

The Kemmlerites and Dracula in the Bloody Hell arc. A Shared Suffering : Harry and Carol's shared experiences, shared traumas, and shared resultant nightmares etcetera, play a significant role in deepening their bond.

Autobots, Rock Out! Awesomeness by Analysis : Carol's brother Stevie is Locked Out of the Loop regarding her adventures with Harry, but has been able to piece together at least a vague idea of what's happening just by paying attention to the way everyone's acting.

This is also how Carol is able to deduce that there's a strike team after her, their numbers, and who and what they are. More than once, Bucky is able to deduce what Strange is up to just from the observed evidence. I fight beings like you every single day. I have guarded reality against them for centuries, and for the most part, I have done it alone.

For centuries I have stood, and I stand here still, now with an Infinity Stone in my hand. Do you really think that you, any of you, is a match for me? So how dare you? How dare any of you?

How dare any of you raise your voices to me! I defied empires, causing the fields of Europe to steam with the blood of my enemies, long before I began drinking it as well. When I destroyed their armies, I made a screaming forest of their survivors, earning the name of Lord Impaler. I am the Lord of the Vampires, I have slain gods and demons alike, and I, little Prince, am going to teach you a lesson you should long since have learned. Harry is my godson. And if any god, or goddess, or any entity of that ilk, even breathes the wrong way towards him, then I swear by my power and my name that I will make them wish that they were dealing with my predecessor.

You think much of yourself, oh very little thing. You are an Asgardian, of the blood of Frey, and one of moderate intelligence at that. Those qualities alone make you worth conversing with. But I, I am far more.

My sire was Jormungand, Father of Dragons. I was a vanguard for his infinite armies; I burned worlds beyond number from clouds to core, and devoured their people like sheep on the fold! Your people are gods now, Asgardian, but I ate my fill of gods long before your kind ever claimed the spark of divinity! Even in my sleep, I reached out my thought and ensnared gods, both of this land and of your kindred, and broke them to my will! The Winter Guard are said to be this trope, though in practice they get Overshadowed by Awesome.

The Avengers, of course, who are respected, if not outright feared, by every mortal and supernatural power bloc on Earth and its associated realms. The First Class of X-Men are mentioned again, with Fury noting to Loki that before he joined, he would've given them even odds against the Avengers. While they never fight together as a collective, each of them demonstrates just how dangerous they are on multiple occasions.

Badass Long Coat : Harry Dresden, of course. Wanda Maximoff seems to have picked up the habit from her boyfriend, and when she receives the garb of the Sorceress Supreme, it takes the form of one. Harry briefly wears one during the finale of the Bloody Hell arc as part of his imitation of the Dark Phoenix.

Bad Future : It would seem that Strange can foresee these, and actively works to prevent them. Most of the 'better' futures would still have had Maddie dead and a death toll extending into the millions, if not the hundreds of millions - and while there were other, better futures that Strange could more easily have arranged, though they were few and far between, he felt he owed it to Maddie.

Harry's shown a number of possible futures in chapter 41, with the worst showing Harry as the Dark Phoenix, having slaughtered his family, the Avengers, and set the Nine Realms aflame, and now just sitting on the melted throne in the ruins of Asgard and laughing like a maniac because he knows that Harry can see him.

Harry, needless to say, freaks the hell out. Bait-and-Switch : At first, it is implied that the Red Son is a clone of someone, perhaps Clark or Harry, or some other genetically engineered abomination from the tail-end of the Cold War.

Actually, though, it's Harry, or at least the Blank Slate of his body, brainwashed and programmed. As it turns out, she's just always been told that she's an Artificial Human as a means of dehumanisation and thus control.

In reality, she's Jean's stolen at birth twin sister. Carol notices Peter Parker acting strangely, standing up to Flash Thompson, and moving with super-human agility. Most readers believed that this was foreshadowing of his spider-powers, but actually, it's because he's a thrall of the Grey Court.

Batman Gambit : Voldemort has Crouch send up the Dark Mark during the fight at the World Cup, knowing that its reputation will cause panic and confusion among the heroes and assembled allies. The Avengers pull several on the Red Room in Chapter 13, counting on exactly how they're going to react to provocation in order to lead them into several traps. Harry notes rather scathingly that they were blatantly obvious and wouldn't have worked were it not for Belova being mad and Lukin's sensitive ego.

However, it could also be said that the latter was kind of the point.

Clark Kent, knowing that they'd react sympathetically to a lost child. Even more impressively, she managed it without once indicating that she was involved. Battle Ballgown : Subverted, with Carol noting Strange's presence at the Yule Ball and wondering if everything is going to go wrong and if she has time to change into something more practical.

The first one ends in a draw due to Harry's raw power going up against Voldemort's skill and willingness to use Harry's friends as hostages. The second, without hostages, ends with Harry overwhelming Voldemort, forcing him to flee. It causes a global scale Psychic Nosebleed , almost kills some elderly psychics, and results in a World Gone Mad in the relevant part of the Nevernever.

Beautiful Dreamer : Harry wakes up and sees Carol snuggled up to him in chapter 37, and smiles fondly at her peaceful expression Cue some very careful attempts to extricate himself without waking her up.Custom properties include oeb-page-head, oeb-page-foot, and oeb-column-number.

For a moment, Thorin looked confused, and oh, Bilbo had right royally mussed things up if Thorin was surprised to see Bilbo smiling at him. Beauty Crowds Me: Robert teaches Lucy Knight when John Carter won't. The Dwarrows with him had all given him the queerest of looks, but instead of just handing him an axe to do the job himself, they'd hastened to do the job themselves, quickly and efficiently removing one large branch from the tree and loading it onto their cart.

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